19:05 - 19:15

Day 1 – February 1, 2023


Both in scientific research and clinical diagnostics, flow cytometry has gained its place as a key technique in immunology, hematology and oncology. However, independent use of a flow cytometer requires expert knowledge and therefore, essential training.
The Swiss Flow Cytometry School was founded in 2012 in Geneva. The school, and its education centre, is one of a kind in Switzerland and in Europe. We offer different types of courses: from introduction to advanced training, for both research and clinical applications. Our audience includes physicians, biologists, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, as well as bioinformaticians and veterinarians. Over the last 10 years, we have trained over 700 participants from all over the world, from as far as the United States, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil to Iran. The school has also travelled to help with the local set-up and maintenance of flow cytometry platforms in Cameroun, Romania and Saudi Arabia. In 2019, we launched a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) program at the University of Geneva, the only postgraduate diploma in flow cytometry in Switzerland.
Our aim is to bring high quality flow cytometry to all, irrespective of background and location. We believe that sharing knowledge and skills with others is paramount to the advancement of medicine and science.

The speakers