Sony (Commercial Talk) : Sony ID7000: Spect(r)acular Analysis to Empower Deep Scientific Insights

15:30 - 15:40

Day 2 – February 2, 2023


The ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer supports high-dimensional flow cytometry by delivering comprehensive information with high sensitivity and resolution. Expand your capabilities of cell analysis by using the full range of colors while keeping user-friendliness. Further, the Autofluorescence Finder tool allows researchers to define one or more autofluorescence parameters and treat them in the same way as any other color in their sample. The ID7000™ AutoSampler provides walk-away high-throughput data acquisition for large and small panels alike with superior sample integrity, reduced sample waste and very low carry-over.

This talk will show you the highlights of how Sony’s ID7000™ Spectral Cell Analyzer can advance multi-color research, enable intuitive acquisition and analysis of highest quality data, and future-proof your flow cytometry workflows!

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